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What are we?

 We are a female ran kickboxing fitness Circuit. Offering a no-contact high energy full body workout with 10 intervals lasting 3 minutes with a 30 second active  & passive recovery between. We're ready when you're ready. No class times. Everyday is a new full body workout. You'll always have a trainer to guide you through the intervals. Intervals are at-least 7 feet apart and equipment is disinfected frequently for the purpose of COVID compliance. We are the only gym in the area to offer the latest heart rate technology for heart rate training. Voted second best Health Club and second best Weight Loss Center in North Georgia's Best of the Best. 

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Runner up best Health Club and best Weight Loss Center in North Georgia

The community has spoken with votes. Thank you for voting for us. We ranked 2nd best Health Club and 2nd Best Weight Loss Center in North Georgia.

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2022 Best of the Best

Helping you to create lifestyle changes without diet pills or procedures. Just good old fashion nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Proud member of the Catoosa Chamber of Commerce

Catoosa County Chamber business of the week September 2021

We are nothing without our Roden HIIT Family. We have the best gym family in the area and we are so thankful for your dedication and support.

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Our Mission

Teach you how to unlock tools inside yourself

Empower individuals to create positive changes in their lives by contributing to their health and happiness through our Kickboxing Fitness. We strive to create community by providing options for physical and mental health through fitness.

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Monday: 8AM-11AM & 4PM-7PM

Tuesday: 5:30AM-11AM & 4PM-7PM

Wednesday: 5:30AM-11AM & 4PM-7PM

Thursday: 5:30AM-11AM & 4PM-7PM

Friday: 5:30AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM

Saturday: 9AM-11:30AM

Sunday: Closed

1317 LaFayette Road

Rossville, GA 30741


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Let's get you moving

Change your life

Roden HIIT Kickboxing accepts persons 12 years old to adults. We are family centered and affordable. It has often been said that today's young people will be the first generation of children who won't live as long as their parents because of the rise in childhood obesity, increased “screen-time”, sedentary lifestyles and the increased intake of high fat and sugar foods. Our goal is to build strong healthy families and give obesity a T.K.O.  It doesn't matter if you are at a novice or expert level. Whether you are interested in losing weight, getting fit, toning up, developing self confidence, or increasing your overall athletic performance, we've got you covered.

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Commonly asked questions

Can I do this if I'm not in shape and will this be too hard for me?

Kickboxing fitness is as tough as you want it to be. If you're into intense workouts you'll find it. If you prefer to take your time and ease into it, you can do that too! We encourage everyone to work at their own level. Take a break if you need to. This is the beauty of our active and passive recovery. We are beginner friendly, yet advanced at the same time. There is always a trainer to assist you with technique and instruction. 

Should I eat before coming? 

Yes! Eat a small healthy meal about 2 hours before coming. 

How often should I come?

2-4 times per week. 

Will I get punched or kicked?

No. You will punch and kick bags and do pad (Mitt) work. No one will ever hit you and we do NOT spare or fight. 

Do women do kickboxing?

Absolutely. While martial arts are typically a male-dominated sport, kickboxing gyms have been a great place where women can come without intimidation and get an amazing workout. Women are diving into kickboxing and finding out how amazing and fun it is. Silly boys girls like to kick and hit too. Kickboxing is a great all-around workout that has it all--Cardio & Muscle Building! It strengthens and tones legs, arms, glutes, back, and core all at once. Burn fat as you move through the entire workout. 

What are the benefits of kickboxing?

Improved cardiovascular health, strength & balance, agility, weight loss, confidence, better sleep, improved mental health, safety, hand eye coordination, neural plasticity (cognitive learning, motor learning, and sensory learning), and a positive outlook on life.

Do I have to know about boxing or kickboxing before coming?

No. We will teach you basic punching and kicking on your first visit. You'll learn more punches and kicks in future visits. 

Do I have to bring my own boxing gloves?

We encourage you to bring your own gloves and hand wraps if you have them, but we do have loaner gloves you can use. These are sanitized between use. 

Will people look at me while I workout?

No. The circuit is set up in a large circle around the walls of the room. Each client is facing a wall as they complete their interval. There are 7-9 feet spacing between intervals. 

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